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Daniel Dippold

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel has a background in mathematics, computer science and entrepreneurship (Cambridge, ETH, St. Gallen), sold his first venture in his early twenties, and has since founded two profitable companies. He co-founded New Now Group GmbH, which allows their customers such as Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Eon, Philips, and Wella to tune algorithms post-deployment with their software. He initiated and scaled Sigma Squared Society e.V., to over 30 countries. Sigma is the world's largest community of U26 entrepreneurs, some of whom have become unicorn founders. He has been the very first investor in multiple unicorn companies and has invested in over 50 companies to date.

Florian Huber

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

A Berlin-based founder, entrepreneur, and start-up investor. He founded united-domains, which was sold to the 1&1 Group in 2015, and neubau kompass, Germany's premier real estate marketplace for new residential constructions. As an early investor, he holds stakes in 50 tech start-ups. In 2018, the German Business Angels Association recognised him as "Business Angel of the Year." Additionally, Florian was a General Partner at Signature Ventures, a VC fund that invests in web3 start-ups.

Alexander Grots

Co-Founder & CCO

Alex co-founded ProGlove, which sold for €500M, and has served as Managing Director at IDEO, where he played a key role in articulating the Design Thinking Method. Furthermore, he has initiated and led numerous innovation and entrepreneurship programmes at universities worldwide.

Paul H. Müller


A prominent angel investor, Paul is the co-founder of Adjust, a company that achieved a €1.2B exit and powers thousands of apps with built-in intelligence and automation, backed by responsive global customer support. In addition to his entrepreneurial success, he is also an avid race car enthusiast.


Berna Epik

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

A certified profiler with a rich background in innovation and entrepreneurship, Berna previously served as an Innovation Manager for Austria's largest corporates. She also played a pivotal role as the Founding Partner at NOVID20, the first contact tracing app in Europe, which garnered 150,000 downloads the first day after launch.

Marcel Vogel

Head Of Analytics & Growth

Marcel has been a part of EWOR since its early stages in 2021, playing an instrumental role in driving its growth. In his early twenties, he co-founded a Swiss think tank, scaled up a leading European cryptocurrency news webpage from 1,000 to 500,000 monthly visitors, and graduated with an Elite Master’s Degree in Material Science and Advanced Processes.

Lian Boerma

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Lian, who holds Master's degrees in Neuroscience and Education, as well as an MBA from Stanford University, has worked for educational institutions across five different continents. Lian is dedicated to enhancing EWOR’s educational content by continuously integrating the latest research-backed methods, in order to help the EWOR community develop into successful entrepreneurs.

Other Awesome Team Members

Felix W. Schmitt


A former Principal at Entrepreneur First, with a $10B portfolio supported by founders of Stripe, PayPal, and LinkedIn, and ex-CFO at Habyt, the world's largest Co-Living company (Series B, Sequoia-backed), as well as a former consultant at BCG, Felix is passionate about assisting exceptional founders from the outset, with interests in AI, longevity, and global travel.

Stefan Bödenauer

Automation Manager

With a bachelor’s in Innovation Management, Stefan is currently completing his master’s degree in “Digital Entrepreneurship” at the FH Joanneum in Graz. He also has experience as an innovation consultant at weXelerate. Stefan’s work at EWOR focuses on the application process, programme organization, and enhancement activities.

Adriana Del Solar

Community Manager

Adriana began her full-time career at 16, accumulating 7+ years of experience in corporate, start-up, and agency settings. She developed her marketing skills through hands-on learning and even co-built an e-commerce start-up alongside its founder. Additionally, Adriana participated in a 2-month volunteer programme in Tanzania, where she led fundraising campaigns and served as a student instructor.

Brooke Riscoe

Content Developer

Brooke holds a BS in Geology and an elite master's degree in Global Change Ecology, with experience in SEO and content writing. In her role as a content developer at EWOR, she excels at curating enriching course materials and oversees the course content on the EWOR Platform.

Andrea Minichini

Design Lead

Andrea graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design, where he presented a thesis on creativity and problem-solving through collaboration and thinking theories. He later attended the Apple Developer Academy in Italy, which steered him towards UI/UX design, leading him to his role as Design Lead at EWOR.

Denise Harbauer

Experience Manager

Denise is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Business Psychology at FOM University. Alongside her studies, she is actively engaged in talent selection and programme management at EWOR.

Aarin Popat

Founder's Associate

Aarin holds an Undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, as well as a Master’s degree in Management, from the University of York and London School of Economics respectively. Formerly an investment banker and entrepreneur, Aarin has a wealth of experience with start-ups, having run an incubator and being an alumnus of the IncludedVC fellowship. Following the two-year mark in investment banking, Aarin wanted to return to his passion for helping exceptional people and businesses, which brought him to EWOR.

Raphael Kaiser

Founder's Associate

Raphael has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management and has gained experience working for Razor Group in Berlin and Fastgen (YC W23) in New York.

Qumarss Bagheri

Growth Associate

Q studied Philosophy and Theology at the University of Oxford, focusing on the Philosophy of Language. In his final year, he joined the founding team of Youni, an innovative app for managing student communities and events. He is currently working at EWOR as Growth Associate.

Sonia Amend

Investment Manager and Partner Manager

Sonia is an accredited dentist with experience in healthcare consulting and start-ups. She wrote her doctoral thesis on the use of AI in dentistry at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, in collaboration with the Dental Faculty at Tufts University, Boston. Additionally, Sonia is an experienced event moderator and webtalk host, having collaborated with various foundations, organizations, and the German Federal Ministry of Health.

Laura Raggl


Laura is an investor at EWOR, a managing partner of ROI Ventures, and an angel investor with a focus on early-stage start-ups. She served as the managing director of the Austrian Angel Investors Association (aaia) from 2020 to 2023. Her journey in the start-up sector began after graduating with a degree in Business & Management. Driven by her passion for new tech and the local startup scene, Laura joined the early-stage deep tech VC fund, APEX Ventures, in 2019. She is also an active speaker and mentor within the start-up community as well as a member of the start-up council for the ministry of labour and economy.

Dana Jacobi

Marketing Specialist

Dana is a Marketing Specialist with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies and a minor in Media Studies from the University of Groningen. She specialises in generating programme applications and is passionate about promoting educational opportunities.

Tolu Fayanju

Programme Manager

Tolu graduated from Loughborough University in July 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in International Business and a diploma in International Studies from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. During her early studies, she managed two micro-businesses in events and e-commerce. Her keen interest in entrepreneurship post-graduation led her to the role of Founder's Associate at EWOR.

Dominik Doerner

Technical Specialist

Dominik holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, has been working in the startup scene for 8+ years, has founded two startups, held multiple CTO or CPO positions and has been an advisor and mentor to multiple startups and entrepreneurial networks in the past and present.

Beatriz Ferreira

Video Producer

A graduate of Middlesex University London, Beatriz graduated in 2021 with a degree in Film. Currently, she works as a producer and video editor at EWOR and is also a freelance writer.

Rodrigo Besteiro

Video Producer

Providing editing services to EWOR's Educational Videos, Rodrigo is a video producer and EVS operator.

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